I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant! Early Pregnancy Symptoms To Look For.

We have all seen or at least heard about that TLC Show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” right? If you’re like me, you thought to yourself, okay but how did you not know you were pregnant? Well, with my first pregnancy (eleven years ago) I can say, I have been there – I didn’t know I was pregnant!

I am sharing my experience of not knowing I was pregnant for my first ever pregnancy. Find below early signs and symptoms I looked for in my second & (now) third pregnancy.

Story Time: I didn’t know I was pregnant.

Let’s start out and say no, I did not go to the washroom and bam – baby! I found out I was pregnant at the 26 and a half weeks mark – just over 6 months pregnant! Turning just nineteen years old at the time of finding out. I was working until I went back to school in the Fall (fresh out of highschool and planned to go to University), and I was dancing competitively. I recently left the (extremely toxic) relationship (yes the one that I technically got pregnant with) and into a newer one. 

So let’s break this down. The number one question I get when I say that is:

“How did you not know you were pregnant?”

  • My period did not stop when I became pregnant – which is typically sign number one. It continued till about my seventh month of pregnancy. Yes, that is not fairly common, but can happen!
  • I had no unusual vomiting, nausea or morning sickness.
  • I gained a few pounds here and there – nothing alarming or concerning. As a dancer, I spent 25 hours a week that year dancing competitively. I watched my weight and was not being the healthiest at that time to maintain a certain weight. 

How would I have known? That leads me to my next question I would get:

“If you didn’t know you were pregnant, how did you find out?”

Around the time I was 25 weeks (unknowingly) I started having a really sharp, shooting pain on the left side of my hip that went all the way up to my shoulder. I did not know what it was, but it was happening almost every couple hours – it was concerning. I went to my doctor and mentioned this pain. She booked me in for an ultrasound to see what may be the issue. I received a call the next afternoon from my doctor to come in right away. That’s when my doctor told me I was pregnant – and not only that – but I was in my 26 week of pregnancy. 

It is an understatement to say I was shocked. A nineteen year old female that just came out of highschool, working and dancing, starting a new relationship – imagine how shocked I was. To skip over the hysterical crying – I was presented with my options (which being that far along, there were only two). After taking the time I needed to process everything in the short amount of time I had, I chose to raise this baby. Even if that meant being a single mom, with less than three months to prepare – I knew I was making the best decision for me and him. You know the saying “You never know how strong you are until you have to be” that is how I feel every day while raising that sweet (and yes – absolutely healthy – which I am incredibly thankful for) boy of mine.

Fast forward ten years later.

My (wonderful and amazing) fiance and I decided to start expanding our family. These are just a few things that ran through my head. 

  • “How will I know I am pregnant if ten years ago I had no idea?” 
  • What if I have no symptoms – do I just test and test? 

Well let’s say – I became pretty in-tune with my body. Over the past ten years, I transitioned to a healthier lifestyle, and took better care of myself. I stopped waiting out concerns and trusted my family doctor. I felt the second we started trying to conceive, I was focused on my body’s reaction and kept an eye out for signs and symptoms of pregnancy before taking a test.

With my second (born in 2019) and now my third pregnancy (I am currently expecting – due February 23rd, 2021) I had early symptoms of pregnancy that lead me to take a pregnancy test. 

*I experienced an early (chemical) pregnancy when trying for our second. I highly stress that you should wait until you have a missed period before considering taking a test. Always consult with your doctor*

Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy

(that I personally had when trying for my second and third baby)

  • Tender Breasts: Around my time of the month, my breasts do not typically become swollen or tender. This was my early and first sign that made me question if I was pregnant.
  • Exhaustion: No – not just a typical mom tired or I had a bad sleep tired. This was a form of exhaustion that made you feel like you got hit by a truck. If I blinked a little too hard – I could have fallen asleep. 
  • Headaches: I am one to have frequent headaches but I started having full blown migraines almost every third day. As estrogen levels rise, headaches tend to show up more frequently once you are pregnant. 
  • Mood Changes: You know my moodiness was bad when my fiance told me to take a pregnancy test cause I was more emotional than normal. 
  • Bloating: It happened suddenly. I was in a constant state of being bloated with no reasonable explanation (or so I thought)
  • Food Sensitivity: You know something is up when I do not reach for my everyday cup of coffee because all of a sudden – I can’t stand the taste of it. This immediate aversion to coffee happened in both pregnancies.
  • Nausea: I felt a little nauseous here and there for both pregnancies before taking a test but I did not get sick. However, the second the positive lines showed up for me, the next day it hit me like a truck, and morning sickness kicked into full gear.  
  • Missed Period: This is what ultimately led me to take a pregnancy test. I started having the above symptoms. I was taking birth control for 10 years and my periods have always been consistent. Being off for a few days was a big deal for me. Once I was about 5 days past my expected period start date, I took a test & hello to the start of something wonderful.

I will put it as a big disclaimer here: As you can tell from my first child – from not having any signs or symptoms to my second & third where I had all the typical signs and symptoms of pregnancy: ** Not everyone will experience pregnancy the same way. Pregnancy is not a one size fits all experience. ** I am also not a doctor. Please consult with your doctor if you are concerned about any of the signs of early pregnancy. This is my experience with pregnancy and yours may be different.

I hope you enjoyed my story time of how I didn’t know I was pregnant with my first child, and the early signs of my pregnancies helpful. If you have questions about any of the above, I am very open to discuss. Drop a comment below, or you can contact me personally here or DM me on Instagram!

Thank you for reading all about my truly amazing (and incredibly overwhelming) experiences! xo


Self Care During Pregnancy – 10 Essential Tips!

Pregnancy is an incredible experience! Everything you do for the duration of pregnancy is for two… eating for two, moving for two. It’s not just you anymore! You always have company.

It’s very important to take care of your body and mind all the time, and self care is just as important (if not even more important) than before. Protecting your well-being is crucial to the development of your little human & having a happy and healthy pregnancy (that you can control).

Yes – it’s hard to be selfish and put you above anything or anyone else. I’ve said it before here, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You will feel much better to be putting you and your little growing baby first. Take the necessary steps (and tips I mention below) to have a less stressful, healthy, and enjoyable pregnancy!

Here are my crucial self care essential tips for pregnancy & even new moms! When the baby is here, don’t forget to keep applying self care in your routine – You deserve it!

1. Manage Your Own Expectations

Give credit where credit is due – you are growing a human! This is the best and hardest thing for you – physically and mentally! It is so important to go easy on yourself & give yourself a break! You can’t do it all and you shouldn’t. Can’t make it to work? Call in sick. Too tired to do the dishes? Go take a nap! It is important to set expectations for yourself because others are already expecting you to just take care of YOU. You are taking care of yourself will in return take care of that growing human. You can’t expect how your pregnancy will go week by week. By setting expectations of what you physically and mentally can manage will help relieve a lot of stress. Even when you just can’t do it all (even if us superhero moms want to!

2. Invest in Yourself

As you read these tips below, keep one thing in the back of your mind: invest in you and baby! If it’s something you need to help make your pregnancy go by smoother, less stressful or easier, then buy it! I lost count how many days or weeks I pushed off getting a specific item I knew would help me. When I caved and got whatever it was, I said immediately “I should have done this sooner!” Times have changed. When I had my first son 11 years ago, they did not have some of the amazing items that they have now. That would have made things much easier on me. If you need it or want it – get it!

3. Rest Up!

We all know that when the baby is here, your sleep is gone. True. The postpartum sleep is practically non-existent. But what about pregnancy sleep? You’re so exhausted throughout the day (typically very high in the first trimester). Then when you actually get to bed, you can’t sleep because of your growing belly and moving baby. Take those extra naps throughout the day when you can’t keep your eyes open. Put your feet up and just relax! Invest in yourself (ahem, told you – tip number two!) – get that pregnancy pillow. I swear by it and most moms do it! Don’t struggle with the little sleep you do get. Make it as comfortable for you as you need it to be.

4. Stay Hydrated

I personally had low blood pressure during pregnancy, and was informed immediately to hydrate more and I did. I invested in a smart water bottle to keep track and remind me when I was low on water. The best thing about it? After a couple days of increasing my water intake, I could feel how much more energy I had! I didn’t feel as sluggish, and my skin was glowing even more. I felt like I was really providing my little growing human with a hydrated home. Being hydrated is very important (whether you are pregnant or not!). This is a must have self care tip for everyone!

5. Nourish Yourself

Have a healthy relationship with food. You’re pregnant. It’s okay to indulge. As you allow your body to have those treats, you build that relationship with your body and it will thank you in the long run. There are many resources to know what foods are best and which ones to avoid with pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and ensure you’re getting the right food daily and nourish that growing human! Remember, you are eating for two – your baby is getting their nutrients directly from you!

6. Keep Moving

As pregnancy is not a one size fits all experience, your ability to keep moving will depend on you and your doctors recommendations. There are a few ways to keep your body moving and stay active during your pregnancy (this will help not only your energy and body development during pregnancy, but will also help when you are ready to deliver that baby!):

Go for a small walk around the block, put on music and dance, kegel exercises, go for a swim (This is magical! Imagine all that weight of the baby being lifted!), light stretching and prenatal yoga!

7. Take Your Prenatals

If you haven’t started taking prenatal vitamins prior to becoming pregnant, start now. Your body needs additional nutrients that may be lacking in your diet that is essential for baby’s growth and development. Talk to your doctor about what you might need to look for specifically in a prenatal vitamin. I have been using these prenatal vitamins for all three pregnancies. They have worked well for me and is was easy to swallow and keep down during the pregnancy nausea.

8. Pamper Yourself

You can’t say “self care” without the idea of pampering yourself behind it. Your body is changing and growing. There are many days where you may feel defeated or not yourself. Let’s be real here. There are ugly sides to pregnancy and I have definitely not felt at my best at times. Enjoy a warm bath with salts like this to help soothe your sore body and relax your mind. Put on some nail polish or get your hair styled differently if you can. Anything that makes you feel like the queen you are – do it! Have an at home spa day and refresh your mind and body.

9. Go Offline

How many times have you had a headache and searched Google and came out scared of the results? Same thing goes especially with pregnancy! I can’t count how many times the doctor has told one one small thing but then what do I do? I Google it. Big mistake. Not everyone will have the same experience as you will. So put down google and if you have concerns – talk to your doctor. As a mom, the comparison game is absolutely brutal and draining. during pregnancy and after. Taking a break from searching and social media will be tremendously helpful to your mental health.

10. Communicate

When in doubt, talk it out, whether that is to your doctor, to a trusted family member or friend. It is important to express how you’re feeling during pregnancy. It’s a tough game physically and mentally to grow a beautiful baby, and sometimes, you can feel alone. Communication is key and we have all heard that. Not feeling well? Tell your partner and they can help you around the house. Feeling lonely, FaceTime a family member. You’re valid in your emotional responses to everything going on with you during pregnancy – first time or fifth. A happy mind is a healthy one. Once you express how you are feeling, it will lift a lot of weight off yourself shoulders. Let’s face it – we are carrying around a lot of extra weight (both physically and mentally)

I hope you take these essential tips to self care during pregnancy and adapt them to your everyday life! When you are a new mom, you automatically put others before you. It is important to your health (especially when growing a baby too) to take care of yourself. Best of luck to my 2021 pregnant mommas!

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