EARLY Black Friday 2020 Sales

Check out the links below to some of the hottest Black Friday sales this year!

I will be updating and posting a few more posts with Black Friday deals as they become available!

Check out some of my favourite retailer sales below:

* EVIVE: 40% off boxes of 24 or 36 for your first online order

* LILY JADE: 10% Off Bags & Free packing cases!

* INDIGO: Plum Members Exclusive November 20-29. Up to 50% off plus additional 10% & bonus 8,500 plum points!


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* VICTORIA EMERSON: Buy One Get One Free



Where I have been/ Update!

Well, it has been a bit… a couple months actually… since I have posted my last blog post. I have a few things to update on before I dive back into posting blogs (which I am so excited to do!

Although I have been MIA from my blog, I have been posting more over on my Instagram. I felt like I was in such a weird place with my social media and what I wanted to do with it, I wasn’t very happy with what I was posting and felt overwhelmed with how my feed looked, how much traction I was getting, etc… things I felt was not really important to worry about. So here and there I took a step back from a lot of my social media.

I slowly started to get into the grove of things, spent time focusing on my goals when it came to my social media and even finding a preset I enjoyed for my feed may me enjoy taking photos and sharing them again. I just needed that little breath of fresh air and it definitely helped.

Also since my last post, my family and I found out that we are expecting a new bundle of joy! Yes baby number three is due in February of 2021. We are so excited to have our final puzzle piece joining our family. It has been a crazy first and second trimester and I will be sharing all about this pregnancy soon (so keep an eye out for that if you are interested in the pregnancy journey – especially this pregnancy being completely different than my two boys!)

In addition to all my focus on this pregnancy and feeling more like myself and refreshed from social media, I have my own own cosmetic tattoo/ permanent makeup studio in my home. I literally started right when our country went into lockdown and it wasn’t until July that Stage two opened up the ability to work again. I have been focusing on my training and doing what I can while I have been home, navigating this “new normal” around the COVID protocols all while prepping for baby number three! It has been very busy, exhausting, and rewarding all at the same time.

With my eldest going back to school and hockey, the youngest hitting his toddler stage and keeping us all on our toes, I can definitely say that the year is wrapping up to be incredibly humbling and has made me grateful for my family and household.

I am hoping to share my home studio, all about this pregnancy, and so much more! Definitely keep an eye on my Instagram & Twitter for daily updates.

Thank you for reading and I am excited to be back! 🙂


Summer BBQ: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon

Nothing screams Summer quite better than a good BBQ. Whether you are the host bringing the most or if you are attending a (safe) social gathering, a few blogging friends and I are sharing our go to recipes for you too knock it out of the park (or backyard that is!). I will be sharing my go to favourite BBQ dish to host at any gathering, and at the end, I will link my friends pages so you can see what amazing, mouth-watering dishes they have come up with for you!

For me, one of the best smells in the world is a cedar plank grilling on the BBQ. If you have not smelt that, just wait till you eat what we grill on it.

It sounds fancier and more complicated than it is, but trust me, it takes less than a half hour from start to finish (as long as you have soaked the cedar planks prior to prep and cook time), and everyone will be saying it is better than restaurant salmon (I may have gotten that a few times).

Let’s get right into it!


  • 1 – 1 ½ lbs of Salmon
  • 2 Cedar Planks (typically the sizing can vary on cedar planks but I slice my salmon in half and it fit on two boards I purchased from Superstore. You can also find a package of planks here)
  • 1 Lemon (cut into slices)
  • Seasoning (below)


  • 4 tbsp brown sugar
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp parsley


** Soak cedar planks according to instructions.

All planks soaking time varies based on size and thickness. (Typically and where from 2-4 hours)** 

  • Turn grill on to medium-high
  • Mix all seasoning into a bowl
  • Take sliced lemons and place on cedar plank (I use about three per plank)
  • Season salmon on all sides, and press seasoning into salmon to really stick, and place on top of planks (on top of lemons)
  • Place planks directly on grill approximately 15 minutes (ensure internal temperature reaches 135 degrees)
  • Take off the grill and enjoy!

See! I told you it was easy. As I mentioned, the only thing that takes the most time is soaking the planks. Grilling with a dry plank won’t give as much flavor to the food you’re cooking, since much of the flavor comes from the water evaporating out of the plank as it’s exposed to the heat of your grill. Also, you definitely don’t want to put a dry piece of wood on a hot, burning grill as you are risking a fire.

I hope you found some Summer grilling inspiration for your next BBQ. If you are going to a gathering, you can cook this ahead of time and add the salmon to a garden salad. A smoky cedar flavored salmon on a bed of greens is absolutely delicious.

If you decide to give this a try, tag me and I would love to re-share it to my stories on Instagram! Now don’t forget to check out my friend’s posts on their blog and their Instagram below for more amazing BBQ dish ideas!

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10 Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love!

As a mother myself, I have a huge appreciation for Mother’s Day. It is not always about getting a gift, but about recognizing the importance of the hardworking and loving moms in our lives.

10 mother's day gift she will love - a gift guide

But, sometimes is it nice to show that appreciation through a gift! So I decided to put together a fun little list of 10 items I know I would love and other moms would love too!

This is my first gift guide EVER! So I decided to keep it short and sweet with 10 of my favourite items as a mom! I only chose products and items I have, love and used. If you enjoy these gift guides, let me know in the comments below or DM me on Insta so I can continue making these for you!

I know during this time with everything going on with COVID-19, we want to be safe. At this time, some of us are unable to connect with everyone, even our moms during Mother’s Day. Everything listed here is available online, which makes it perfect for you to have delivered right to her door!

  1. These personalized cold cups (and hot cups too) are so adorable! you can get them to say anything you want. I know I would not have any issues with my water intake, drinking it out of a cute cup!
  2. Speaking of personalized, have you seen these custom name necklaces? I love wearing mine proudly that says “mama”. Or hey, put her own name or initials of all the kids!
  3. I am a big fan of wine here. Even more when you have gorgeous wine glasses like these to drink out of!
  4. If your mama loves to wear bracelets, these Victoria Emerson wraps are perfect! They take all the guesswork of creating a beautiful stacked bracelet.
  5. Whether it’s to hold make-up, or skin care products, at home or for future traveling, this organizer is great. It has customizable dividers so she can make it work for her and her products.
  6. Now, every mom appreciates good sleep. Help her get the Zzz’s she deserves with this silk sleep mask.
  7. It is a well known fact that a coffee drinking mom will lose count of how many times she has to reheat her coffee. This tumbler is seriously a lifesaver! It goes hours keeping her beverage warm (or cold if that’s her thing) and she won’t have to worry about constantly warming up your java that she left attending to the kids!
  8. I always appreciate anything that saves my dry lips any time of the year! This lip mask is a godsend. It’s like the perfect moisturizer for your lips.
  9. As a mom, I need a bag that can carry practically my entire life. This designer dupe tote is perfect for any mom! It’s spacious, wonderful quality, and has the designer look, without the price tag! Use code SPRING2020 to get 30% off your order!
  10. These face masks will make any mom feel like they are bringing the spa home. And what mom doesn’t deserve to feel like they are at the spa?

I hope you enjoyed my 10 Mother’s Day gifts! I would love to hear what you are getting your mom this year or what was your favourite Mother’s Day gift you received.

Shoutout to all the hardworking mommas out there! Stay safe!



Sephora Spring Savings Event Must Haves!

It is that time of year again! The Sephora Spring Savings Event. I am sharing my favourites from Sephora!

This Sephora Spring Savings Event is a TWO WEEK long sale where Sephora insiders receive special discounts site-wide from 10-20% off.

The three levels are the following: Beauty Insider, VIB, and Rouge.

Signing up to be a Beauty Insider is FREE and you’ll be instantly qualified for savings. When you have spent $350 within the year, you will be upgraded to VIB level. When you spend $1000 within a year, you will upgrade to the Rouge status.

Dates to Remember, Discount, and Codes:

Rouge Early Access: April 17 – May 1 / 20% off w/ code “SPRINGSAVE”

VIB: April 21 – April 29 / 15% off w/ code “SPRINGSAVE”

Insiders: April 23 – April 29 / 10% off w/ code “SPRINGSAVE”

Below I have listed my favourite skin care items and beauty products that are my ride or die! I have repurchased these items and are a staple in my everyday routine!



What are you snagging during this sale? Tell me your favourites below!