10 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

& What I Will Miss About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful, stressful test on women both physically and emotionally. Before becoming pregnant, I heard horror stories; the good, the bad, and the ugly. But honestly, I heard more of the ugly side of pregnancy than the good. Yes, you are growing a human and starting a family. But with that came pains, exhaustion, nausea, and played a toll on emotions. I braced myself for the worst of the worst.

I felt as if the positives and the amazing parts of pregnancy were being left out. Yes – there are challenges in pregnancy. It is not easy! There are many hardships and pregnancy isn’t for everyone (and that is okay!). I personally had two fairly “easy” pregnancies. I say that on my tip-toes because we all know that person that had a wonderful pregnancy, and you are either struggling to become pregnant, or have had the worst experience being pregnant. Speaking from my experience, I was fortunate to have decent pregnancies.

However, my third and final pregnancy, has been rougher than the past two. That is why I wanted to take a moment, step back and share what I love (and will miss) about being pregnant. This is my final pregnancy and to me it is a little bittersweet. As rough as it is at times, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity to grow our family for anything in the world. It’s all worth the aches, pains, and hardships.

10 Things I Love (And Will Miss) About Being Pregnant:

1. The Bump

This one obviously has to be my first mention. After the birth of my first child, I never thought the feeling of missing having a belly would be something I would experience. Seeing another woman pregnant with their bump, always made me miss mine. There is something magical about testing the limits of our skin and body, to grow and expand every week. It’s a comforting feeling being able to reach down, and cradle the bump knowing your baby is growing in there.

2. The Generosity Of Others

It’s amazing what pregnancy does, not only to you, but those around you. There is a type of generosity that I personally experienced from those around me. Opening doors, lifting heavier items, giving up a seat, or letting you in front of them in a bathroom lineup. Now, I do not require these things to be done for me, and I have a hard time letting people do those things for me. But! It did not go unnoticed, it is greatly appreciated, and I won’t forget those little generous moments.

3. Free Passes

Want to eat that extra helping of dessert? How about taking a nap in the middle of the day? Oh that stain on your shirt from dropping food right on your belly? Free pass. I may have dropped a few things on the floor and left it because I couldn’t bend down and reach it. There seems to be a free pass during pregnancy for a lot of things, and I definitely love those “oh don’t worry about it – you’re pregnant!” looks & mentions.

4. The Movements

When you first feel that little bump… that little flutter, your heart just melts. I have had that first moment three times, and it never and will never get old. As you progress throughout the pregnancy, those flutters turn into big kicks. I will never not be amazed by how the baby stretches and looks as if they are trying to break free. Those movements I have been able to capture on video, I watch constantly. I love and will miss knowing that my belly is not just getting bigger, but with every kick and flutter, there is my baby right there, keeping me company.

5. Luxurious Locks

With all three pregnancies, my hair has never looked better. It grew a couple inches quickly, felt fuller, and shinier. This lasted for me all throughout my pregnancies and I will definitely miss it as we head into postpartum hair loss. So definitely enjoy it while it is there!

6. All The Leggings

I enjoy a pair of jeans here and there on a regular non-pregnant basis, but during pregnancy, I live in leggings. There is nothing more comfier with a growing belly than a good pair of maternity leggings you can get away with wearing every day!

7. The Girls

As the TikTok trend says “I am, actually, the President of the Company” – this comes to mind every time I mention the itty-bitty-titty-committee. I have gone through two pregnancies and two breastfed children where my girls have endured a lot. So when it came time for the third pregnancy, I was thrilled to see them back and ready to shine. After pregnancy and during breastfeeding, they are engorged, leaking and not the most comfortable. Only to deflate and disappear once I complete breastfeeding. So yes, I love them now and will miss them when they are gone!

8. My Fiancé’s Experience

Our partners experience pregnancy vicariously through us. Obviously my fiance cannot have the opportunity and ability to carry a child (sorry boys!), but being able to share those moments with him and seeing him light up at every kick he feels, ultrasound he sees, is something I am going to miss. It is about us two, me and baby – and in those moments, he is so fascinated and impressed with my ability to grow this baby, it creates a bond between me and him that makes me love being pregnant more each day.

9. Personal Bond

You have company every single day – for nine months. Driving around, grocery shopping, even taking a shower – it’s not just you. You have a little growing baby with with all the time! The kicks you feel, the ultrasound videos, the heartbeat you get to hear at the doctors appointments – that builds a bond between you and your baby that no one else gets to have. I have my baby all to myself. Just us. I develop a sense of their personality with how aggressive they kick me, or their schedule based on what time they are moving around. Oh, and those hiccups? Adorable. You feel a deep, personal connection before your baby is even here!

10. The Future

One thing I absolutely love and will miss about pregnancy, is anticipation for the future – the baby that will be joining our family. I am so excited to go through the experience of labour again and bringing a child into this world. The 9 months building that bond together is just the beginning of the lifetime I get to enjoy with my child. I know that every planned detail, whether it is the name of the child, the nursery set up, how we will raise our kids – all this that we get to plan and think about for 9 months while our body is changing and baby is growing. I love knowing that at the end of all of this, there is a beautiful mix of me and my fiancé that we get to raise for the rest of our lives.

There are so many little things I love about pregnancy and will miss. I hope you enjoyed reading about my top ten and while you are reading it, know there are so many amazing things that come with the harder times in pregnancy!

What was one of your favourite things about being pregnant or one of the things you are looking most forward to about being pregnant?

XO – Courtney


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