Ultimate Pregnancy Essentials For All Trimesters!

Pregnancy is filled with so many emotions. The joy of finding out you’re pregnant, the anxious feelings of tackling pregnancy, the excitement and nervousness of adjusting to life with a new little human!

As a third time mom, I have had three different experiences of pregnancy. The first two pregnancies were very similar. You can read here about how I did not know I was pregnant with my first child till the third trimester! The second pregnancy and my third (current) pregnancy, I experienced similar symptoms, however, this third pregnancy has been 5 times harder.

I am sharing with you my top pregnancy must haves for all trimesters! As a third time mom, these items I have used and loved that helped me through specific symptoms during pregnancy. As I mentioned, this pregnancy has been very different than my other two, but a lot of the items I used in my second, I have used this pregnancy (just used longer and in earlier stages)

Please note: although these products mentioned might work for me, they might not work for you. Everyone experiences the trimesters of pregnancy differently. As I mention in every pregnancy related post: pregnancy is not a one size fits all experience. I highly suggest the following products because I used them all throughout my previous and now this pregnancy.



  • Centrum Prenatal Vitamins – If you did not take prenatal prior to becoming pregnant (they are recommended to take if you are TTC (Trying To Conceive)), then start now! Consult with your doctor for a good recommendation of prenatal vitamins for you. I personally have used this brand for all three pregnancies and I never had any issues

TIP: Consult with your doctor first BUT I was advised to take it after I have a full stomach or just about to lay down, instead of first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help with my next point (battling nausea!).


This hit me harder than my previous pregnancy. The next day after I took my pregnancy test and saw that BFP (Big Fat Positive), I started getting morning sickness. But the funny thing – this “mornings sickness” did not last just in the morning. I was nauseous and became sick all day. Your sense of smell increases and becomes very sensitive to specific odours. I couldn’t stand the smell of uncooked meat, even coffee I couldn’t smell or even dare to drink it cause it would make me ill.

In my second pregnancy, the second I hit 12 weeks, I no longer had nausea. This third pregnancy, I was nauseous up until my 16/17 week of pregnancy and still experienced nausea throughout the third trimester. I still (at 36 weeks) use the following:


  • Gatorade (put in the freezer or over crushed ice and bam you have a slushie)
  • Gravol Ginger
  • Lemon/ Ginger Tea
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Prescription anti-nausea tablets – I was at a point I needed prescribed assistance for the nausea. I wasn’t eating well and unable to function with my day. The anti-nausea tablets prescribed by my doctor was a life saver. If you are really struggling, I would explore this option with your own GP.


In addition to having nausea, whenever I would become sick, I would take on incredibly excruciating headaches and migraines. As a sufferer of chronic migraines, this can be absolutely debilitating. I woke up and had a headache and it would last all day. I had anywhere from 3-5 migraines a week.

These slowly subsided after the first trimester but hit again really hard in the third trimester. 

Headaches / Migraines Must Haves:

  • Peppermint Tea
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Tylenol – (pregnancy safe but always consult with your doctor)
  • Water bottle – This may seem silly at first but being hydrated is VERY important. Not only during pregnancy! Highly suggest investing in a water bottle that will keep you going back for more! I increased my water intake and tracked it with my Hidrate Smart Water Bottle you can get here. By talking about it so much, I have gotten so many people hooked on this bottle (even not being pregnant!) I found my headaches would be worse when my water intake was low. Keeping track was a crucial key in helping my headaches manageable.
  • Prescription medication – Once again, consult with your doctor if your pain is unmanageable. There is a pregnancy safe tablet I was able to take prior to the onset of a migraine which dramatically reduced or eliminated the pain.


This is only going to get harder as the weeks go on and you move into each trimester. As you are hitting the wall of exhaustion that is the first trimester, it is important to get a good sleep when you can! As your belly grows, you are very limited in the sleep positions you can do. In my second pregnancy, I used multiple pillows and blankets to help support my belly… I pushed as long as I could before caving and getting a pregnancy pillow. I wish I got it sooner! Now this third pregnancy, I started using it as early as the end of the first trimester!

Sleep Must Haves:

  • Pregnancy Pillow – Do not waste your time with excess pillows and blankets to get comfortable! You need the sleep (as much as you can get with nausea, heartburn, and a growing belly). Invest in this amazing pillow designed for pregnant ladies! I use this one specifically so I do not have to adjust or flip it around if I want to change sides. I even used it for support during breastfeeding.
  • Humidifier – I never suffered nose bleeds or sinus issues really before – until I was pregnant. Increased blood flow and dry nasal passages are to blame, making it much more difficult to breathe, especially at night. Have a humidifier running to help keep the moisture to avoid/ lessen the severity of nosebleeds, and help that blocked nose when you are trying to get rest! 


I had two summer babies, and this pregnancy is a winter baby. I typically got around to wearing larger shorts, tanks and tees when I was in my bigger growing belly stages with my summer babies, never really “investing in maternity clothing”. However, with a winter baby, I definitely needed to have clothing I could wear in the colder weather, comfortably! I did not invest in a lot of clothing, but the following are ones I highly suggest getting because it is worth it!

Maternity Clothing Must Haves:

  • Bra – Not only are your girls so tender and sore to touch in the first trimester, as the months go on, your breasts will typically grow too! In my case, up to two sizes! And they were still very tender and sore all throughout my pregnancy. Up your bra size (don’t try to fit those ladies in your old bras) and get something very comfortable like these here! And they are nursing bras too!
  • Maternity leggings – I really only needed one good pair of maternity leggings. Something that was comfortable and did not slide down my growing belly or barely covered it. I even wore them postpartum in my second pregnancy and expect to do so this pregnancy as well
  • Maternity Tank – These are a must in my books. I have probably 4-5 tops like this to wear under shirts, sweaters, or just on their own. They are tight enough to make my belly feel supported and really show off the bump. They are also great to wear right when your little bump shows, all the way to the end of pregnancy when you are ready to pop!


  • Bio Oil – I used this religiously with my first pregnancy. I did not show until almost the third trimester but I popped very quickly this was my go to when I wanted to keep my belly moisturized and help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.
  • Palmers Maternity Cocoa Butter Lotion – I used this all throughout my second pregnancy. My skin was incredibly itchy throughout the entire pregnancy. It hurt! This helped keep my belly moisturized and I did not experience more stretch marks than last time. 
  • Palmers Tummy Butter – As I mentioned above, this pregnancy is my only winter baby. I did not experience itchy skin like my second pregnancy, but I wanted to up the moisture my skin was receiving because it was definitely a cold winter and I always adjust my skincare during winter months. Belly balm included!

** I personally did not experience many stretch marks on my stomach or hips. I did have a few pop up near the end of my pregnancy. It could be genetics or preventative care, but remember, these are the souvenirs we get from growing children! My breasts have a significant amount of stretch marks due to growing 2-3 sizes, breastfeeding all three children. I do place these balms and oils around my breasts as well to help with the dryness and stretching of the skin. 


This is probably one of my least favourite symptoms of pregnancy. I experienced it pretty bad in the third trimester of my second pregnancy. During this third pregnancy, I experienced bad heartburn and acid reflux in the early weeks of the second trimester and did not stop. I used the following products to help the pain, but when I reached my third trimester and unable to talk, sleep, and felt as if it was making me nauseas all over again. I reached out to my doctor for extra assistance.

Heartburn/ Acid Reflux Must Haves:

  • Tums – obviously quick heartburn relief and went through these like candy!
  • Gaviscon – I used this when the acid reflux was bad throughout the day
  • Prescription medication – As I mentioned, I couldn’t talk or sleep and became nauseas with how bad the acid reflux was this third pregnancy. My doctor prescribed medication to take when I felt the onset of heartburn and boom – gone before it could really start


This. Oh boy. In my second pregnancy, I wore a support belt as I was given one to borrow by a friend. I used it here and there to help with my sciatic nerve pain I experienced even before pregnancy. BUT! This third pregnancy, with chasing around a toddler and baby carrying much lower, I have had the worst pelvic pain I could ever imagine. My doctor recommended getting a support belt to help lift the belly.

  • Amazon Support Band – I snagged this immediately off of amazon and it has great reviews – for great reasons. The band that goes around your belly is very supportive and wide to accommodate a growing belly.
  • Belly Bandit – My sister gave me this one to borrow for this pregnancy. If I wasn’t fortunate enough to get this second hand, I say I would totally splurge on this one. It is very comfortable, velcro in the front (instead of the back), and has a spot for a heating/ cooling pad to help with back pain. All while supporting your belly! Must have once your belly start growing, or even if you experience the dreading sciatic pain early in pregnancy!

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate pregnancy essentials for all trimesters post! I definitely experienced similar and very different symptoms in my three pregnancies. Some symptoms earlier than later – which makes me thankful for having most of these items already! Definitely do not forget to invest in you, mama, as you are carrying and growing a human! It is exhausting and rewarding! Get what you need to make yourself comfortable.



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