Common Pregnancy & First Trimester Questions

Hop in – and get ready for a rollercoaster of a ride! That is the rollercoaster of the physical and mental game pregnancy is! The three trimesters of pregnancy really are all so different. Being pregnant for a third time, I have had three different experiences with all of the trimesters of pregnancy.

I am going to share all three trimesters experiences, and must-haves over the course of the next few weeks. Today, I am sharing some of the top pregnancy & first trimester questions I have had first! Enjoy!

Pregnancy & First Trimester Q&A

Q: How did you found out you were pregnant?

I wrote a post here that mentioned about how I didn’t know I was pregnant with my first child. I discuss early signs and symptoms of pregnancy I had with my second and now third child.

Typical symptoms included: nausea, fatigue, headaches, bloating, tender breasts, and then my missed period.

I took a test a week after my missed period expected start date and bam – hello BFP (Big Fat Positive)!

* I go into further details on this post so definitely check it out! *

Q: When are you due?

My due date is February 23rd, 2021

Q: Are you finding out the sex/ gender?

Nope! It is our third and last baby. We chose not to find out the gender and make it surprise. First child – I did not find out the gender (boy), and our second child – we found out the gender at our 18 week ultrasound (boy). It is really enjoyable not knowing the sex/ gender and playing the old wives tales guessing games with it!

Q: Are you hoping for a specific sex/gender?

Oh this question. I understand completely that no one is intending to be malicious or anything regarding asking this. I have two boys. The general topic of conversation is whether I was trying for a girl, or if we are hoping for a girl. First let me answer by saying of course I would love to have a girl. Obviously. BUT. It literally is a 50/50 chance. I experienced a small amount of gender disappointment” when I found out my second was a boy. Not because I wasn’t having a girl, I think I just wasn’t expecting it. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do all the girly things and that I thought it was going to be our last one. I am so focused on the health of our baby, being the last one and all, that the gender – doesn’t mean anything to me. Absolutely I love raising my boys and all I know is how to be a boy mom. If I am a mama bear of three boy cubs – I am totally content and excited about that. If we get a girl cub thrown into our mix, oh boy do we ever have ourselves a little princess among my princes and it’s going to be quite the adventure! So no – I don’t care either way what we are having, and no I don’t want one sex over the other. I am only praying for a healthy and happy baby!

Q: When did you tell family and friends you were pregnant?

We waited until we completed the first trimester (12 weeks) to tell family. We did that with this and the last pregnancy. I experienced a chemical pregnancy/ miscarriage when we were trying for our second. I wanted to wait until I was out of the first trimester before telling everyone (for me personally, I felt more comfortable telling everyone then but it is okay if you want to tell people earlier! More support the better!) This third baby bump popped super early & was getting hard to hide though.

Q: Do you have names picked out?

We sort of do. With our last pregnancy, we had a name at the top of our list but continued to look at options. We always kept going back to that one – and ta-da, he was given that name. We’ve had a girl name picked (pretty much for years haha!) so I can’t really see that changing, and we have a boy name that’s top of our list that we don’t really gravitate towards any other. But we always keep our baby names to ourselves till our baby is here for two reasons: 1. In case we change our mind when we see the little peanuts face. 2. Because we don’t want other opinions regarding the name.

Q: When did you first notice a bump?

For my second pregnancy, I really didn’t start showing until about 14/15 weeks. For this pregnancy, I started showing as early as 10/11 weeks. I know they say as the more babies you have, the earlier you tend to show. This was true for me. I had a hard time hiding it because I looked constantly bloated. But the positive with the quarantine measures we have in place, not many people saw me so it was easier to hide!

Q: Have you had any cravings? Aversions?

Yes! Throughout the first trimester, I craved nothing but those sugary granola bars and cereal. It was one of the fewer things that I was able to keep down with the nausea I had.

I felt sick just thinking about making coffee. Every morning I would have my good cup of jo but I couldn’t drink it. When I was making lunches for the family, I couldn’t stand the smell of uncooked meat. Deli meat for sandwiches, chicken for dinner – I could barely cook anything without feeling the need to gag! This happened in this pregnancy and my last one as well.

Q: What apps do you use to track your pregnancy?

I currently am using the “What To Expect” app! This has been my go to with my third pregnancy. It is simple to use and I love the three different categories they have to compare baby size: Food, Toys, and TV/Movie props!

Q: What have you experienced for symptoms in the first trimester?

All the symptoms I had leading up to finding out I was pregnant, carried on and amplified throughout the first trimester.

Nausea/ morning sickness: Nope not just in the morning. All. The. Time.

Fatigue: Didn’t matter how much sleep I got, I could fall asleep standing if I blinked long enough.

Tender Breasts: Owie! To touch, change bras – you name it. They were hurting!

Headaches/ Migraine: All day – every day. I felt as if I was constantly having a headache or I would end up with full blown migraine.

Emotional AF: Seriously. I generally am an emotional person and express my hurt, sadness or when I am mad, through tears. But let me tell you – I have cried over anything and everything. Bear playing with nunchucks video – cried. Fiance got ready for work and looked nice – cried. Crying for no reason – check. I didn’t have this with the other two so you can say my fiancé was very surprised to see me cry as much over as little as I did.

Q: What are you most excited/ nervous about?

I am most excited to complete our little puzzle. We both have discussed that we are content with three kids. This being our last, I am soaking up the pregnancy more and enjoying all my last firsts! I am very excited to go into labour (I know it sounds crazy!). It is such a wild ride of emotions and it happened for me the first and second time so fast, that I am excited to hop on that ride again!

Being pregnant during a global pandemic has been scary. I am most nervous about navigating through appointments and even delivery with it being uncertain how we are able to attend them until we get closer to their dates. It’s taking it day by day.

Q: What is it like being pregnant during COVID19/ a Global Pandemic?

First, I am going to say that I feel as if I have been very lucky compared to most women becoming pregnant or were due in 2020.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had no idea what to expect as we just entered Phase 1 of the relaunch back into society after the global quarantine was in place. We have already eased up on some of the restrictions that were in place.

Ultrasounds: I was able to have my fiance at my first ultrasound (8 weeks to confirm I was pregnant) and again at 12 weeks. I was only allowed to have my partner there and no kids were allowed. Masks on at all times. No pictures or CDs are printed but they were able to send them via email to me.

Doctors Appointments: Only I am able to attend them (which is fine for me as they typically are just a quick measure, and addressing any concerns or questions). Masks on again at all times.

Due to limited (to zero) gatherings being permitted, I will be unable to have a baby shower. I personally am okay with that as we are having our third baby. As for gifts, we received a lot at our last pregnancy baby shower and those items are being used for this baby. Yes, it would be nice to have a gathering to celebrate before the baby comes, but we are unable to do so.

I do not get to see family and friends often so the excitement of being able to show my bump or talk about pregnancy definitely seems lower. Feelings of being lonely definitely spike here and there as pregnancy is a time I want to be around family and friends, but it is not the option at this time.

Overall – I am fairly thankful for what I have been able to experience with my partner so far during the early stages of this pregnancy. Because we are on our third baby, we experienced a lot of the firsts already. My heart goes out to those that have to experience being a first time mom or dad, alone in appointments.

Well! That wraps up some of my top common first trimester of pregnancy questions that I received! I will be sharing my first trimester must haves as well as updates from my second trimester (very soon). I hope you enjoyed reading about my first trimester of my third pregnancy. If you have questions, please let me know by commenting below, contacting me here, or reaching out to me in DM on Instagram.


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