5 Simple Ways to Help Calm Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can build up to a point where you feel as if you are suffocating. You feel as if there is no escape. I’ve been there and you’re not alone – I’ve personally dealt with anxiety since my early teen years. I have tried multiple products and used various methods to try and cope with anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety can strike at the worst and unforeseen times. I am sharing a few methods & products that help calm my anxiety. These are just the at home, quick remedies I have tried and that have worked for me.

[I will dive deeper into other methods and products I have used to cope with my anxiety on a medicinal/ professional level on another post! I am prodo whatever you need for relief and have taken medication to help my anxiety. But more on that later!]

Please keep in mind that these are ways that have worked for me over the years. One method or product might work for me, and that doesn’t mean it might work for you. Anxiety relief is different as all of our bodies and minds operate differently. Always consult with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and require guidance on relief.

Let’s dive right in!


Oil Diffusers have gained popularity over the years for good reasons! I currently use this diffuser from Saje, and oils from Saje as well! If you are not familiar with oil diffusers, you add water and your favourite essential oil(s) into the water. You turn it on and BAM! Your room is filled with the amazing, beautiful aroma of your choosing. Multiple companies specifically create oils to help with sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and overall body and mind relaxation.


Okay – don’t actually spill it. Herbal tea, such as chamomile, promotes calmness and work to lower stress levels. Chamomile is a wonderful tea to drink before bed to promote a more natural sleep and helps your mind and body relax! I personally feel calmer and relaxed when I even think about having a cup of tea.


Especially when you feel like the walls are closing in, you can step outside and feel like the world isn’t closing in on you. Maybe even take a brisk walk around the block to get your body moving, or just stepping outside to the front porch.


And now exhale! See, don’t you already feel better? It sounds simple – and that is because it is! Classic yoga breathing techniques such as the 4-7-8 method has helped me catch my breath, literally. When my anxiety starts peaking, I feel out of control with my breathing, almost as if I am out of breath. Then I remember to do this breathing method and the combination of breathing and focusing on counting significantly lowers my anxiety in that moment.

TRY IT: [Exhale completely through your mouth. Then inhale through your nose for four counts. Hold for seven counts. Now you can slowly exhale through your mouth for eight counts]


One thing that I tend to always gravitate towards is the good old pen and paper for a lot of things. I get easily overwhelmed when I feel like I have too much to do. So what do I do to start? I either write down how I am feeling or what I want to accomplish and in what order. It’s okay that it may be as simple (or sounds silly) as the following: 1. Brush teeth 2. Shower 3. Get dressed. Sometimes, those are the simple things I need to check off a list just to reduce my levels of anxiety. By crossing off an item on my list, as small as it may seem, I start feeling in control of my day and my mind. In addition – my feelings of being overwhelmed, start reducing because I feel as if I have accomplished something.

If you are reading this post – just remember, you are not alone in your anxious feelings and anxiety. I hope the above helped to find some ways to feel a bit better with your anxiety. It can feel uncontrollable, but there are so many methods, products and resources out there to help work on improving your feeling and anxiety. Please reach out and talk to someone close to you or your doctor if you are needing additional help for your anxiety.

I am here to have an open ear if you need someone to vent, rant, or talk to if you feel like you do not have anyone to turn to.

Take care of yourself – xo



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