Habits for a Good Winter Morning Routine

Yes – we have all been there. Pressing the snooze button more than once, grabbing our phones to check in on emails or social media before even leaving the bed, and going the whole morning without putting something in your stomach. Guilty! Having a good morning routine can set your mood for your entire day!

With the Winter season, we deal with colder, snowy weather, the sun setting earlier and rising much later, throw the holidays in there as well and it is easy to fall out of good morning routines and habits.

My typical morning routine looks like the following:

6:30 – wake up before the rest of the family

6:30 – 7:00 – make coffee or pour a cup, pack lunches

7:00 – wake up the kiddos

7:00 – 8:00 – breakfast, send eldest off to school

8:00 – 11:00 – play with the youngest till nap time

My mornings are busy with getting the eldest out the door for school and with a toddler running around. It is important that throughout the morning, I remember to incorporate more of a mindful routine to keep up to my busy day ahead.

Keep on reading for my list of good habits to add to your morning routine this winter!

1. Plan and Prep the Night Before

Okay so this does start off with more of an evening habit, but this is to help you in the morning. Little things I do the night before to help my morning routine is setting up and preparing coffee the night before. It is a small thing but having this coffee maker (or this one here) that allows me to set a time in the morning (typically just before I wake up), so I can come downstairs to a pot of coffee made and all ready for me to enjoy! (Especially before the whole house wakes up and I get to enjoy that first sip in silence!). Whether that may be laying out your clothes for the next day, making lunches ahead of time or even having your bag ready to go by the front door, a little evening prep will help your morning routine start off just right!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Gone the entire morning without pressing some sweet H2O against your lips? Been there! Your body needs hydration after a good, long sleep and why not start off the day knowing you’ve tackled some of your intake of water by doing it first thing. Adding a few squeezes of lemon in your water will wake your internal system and get your digestive system rolling. I have been using this Hidrate Smart Water Bottle for four months now to track and remind me to have water. It is such a habit of mine to drink now, especially a large bottle first thing in the morning, I rarely need the reminders anymore!

3. Get Ready for the Day

No, this doesn’t have to be an hour long morning ritual of showering, getting completely ready and dressed. Maybe have a quick wake up shower, or at least splash some clean water on your face, brush your teeth (don’t forget to floss), and brush your hair so you are ready for the day ahead. We all know staying in your PJs all day sounds incredible, but changing out of your loungewear makes me feel less sluggish, and I feel more ready for the day.

4. Eat!

Eating a nourishing, and a balanced meal to give you energy for your day is a must. As someone who absolutely hates eating first thing in the morning, I noticed a huge difference in not only my energy levels but also how much (actually how little) I was snacking later on in the day. Plan your morning routine so that you have enough time to eat without feeling rushed, (prep ahead of time the night before), and you can enjoy your meal without distraction (yes, try to put the phone down!). Try to aim for a little fuller & warmer breakfasts in the winter such as cooked grains, and oatmeal and avoid the sugary baked goods (ahem, I am talking to you my Costco muffins) and cereals.

5. Bring in the light

Yes, I know. Usually in the summer months we open those blinds and curtains and the sun is waiting for us, just beaming through the window. Not so much in winter. It is hard for your mind to get rolling when it thinks it is time to go back to bed. Since we cannot control the sun, let some light in your home via other ways. There are many options out there like this sunlight alarm clock that mimics the sunrise to get you waking up like the good summer days or this natural light here.

6. Adjust your winter skincare routine

I talk more about 5 good winter skincare habits & products to incorporate daily here! Slap on some good, hydrating moisturizer in the morning and start the day feeling refreshed.

7. Shake up your coffee routine

I am not saying to not drink your favourite warm beverage as soon as your eyes open. Enjoy the mornings by upping your coffee game. Opt in for the peppermint syrup or froth your own milk to have that Starbucks feeling right at the comfort of your own home. I add this collagen powder to my coffee in the morning for added health benefits right in the morning (and you can’t even taste it!)

8. Put down the phone & make a to-do list

Put down the phone first thing! Get out some paper or a notepad and get writing. Instead of checking social media first thing, clear your mind of what you want to tackle today. Grab that notebook or paper and write it down. I always try to aim for 5 things I want to accomplish that day, with three of them being top of my priorities. If I can tackle those three things, I am content with my day by the evening. I always aim to complete little tasks like unloading the dishwasher, or running a load of laundry first thing in the morning so your sink & laundry basket are empty for the day and those little tasks help you tackle your bigger ones!

I hope your days start off wonderful by adding one or even a few of these habits to your morning routine. I would love to know how you manage to switch up your morning routine during the winter months!

Stay cozy & Enjoy your day!



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