DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs with Kinder Eggs

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Nothing beats the coziest cup of hot cocoa during the cold, wintery Christmas season. To up your hot chocolate game, you have to try out the ever so popular Hot Chocolate Bombs! If you are like me and very interested in this, then you would know they are almost impossible to find and even if you want to DIY the sphere wonder, you can barely find the sphere molds to begin with!

I have a solution for you! Do it Yourself Kinder Egg Hot Chocolate Bombs!

They are very quick and easy to make, and you can even get your kids involved (or enjoy a cup to yourself!) See below for the ingredients, how to make, and enjoy a hug in a mug! Warning – Once you make these, you will be addicted and want to come up with your own versions and concoctions.


How To Make Your Kinder Egg Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Cut open or pull apart carefully the kinder egg and remove toy
  • Add a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix
  • Add marshamallows (and crushed candy canes)
  • Use frying pan on low heat to melt the kinder egg halves back together
  • * Tip: Place in freezer to harden for 5 – 10 minutes
  • Add hot milk to mug
  • Place hot chocolate bomb in mug
  • Pour steaming milk over hot chocolate bomb
  • Watch the bomb explode, stir and enjoy!

Now, if you have seen the videos of the hot chocolate sphere bombs, they tend to spin and really explode. The type of chocolate Kinder Eggs are made from tend to melt differently so if you place in the freezer to harden it (especially after handling) then it should help get that spin/ explosion a little more but is not perfect!

I hope you enjoy the DIY Kinder Egg Hot Chocolate Bombs! They are definitely a lot quicker and easier to make than the regular Hot Chocolate Bombs and the kids can easily get involved too! You can wrap these up, and have them ready to go for Christmas morning. Don’t forget to give them the toy from the egg! Have you tried a hot chocolate bomb or have made one yourself?

Stay warm and cozy! (I apologize to all my neighbours who are unable to have the amazing Kinder Eggs in their country!)

Watch how to make DIY Kinder Egg Hot Chocolate Bombs Below!


* Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of this. I have seen this so many times on Pinterest and TikTok that I do not know who the original creator is!


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