5 Self Care Tips for the Holidays

Welcome to Blogmas Post Number 5!

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup”

I am sure like me, you have heard this phrase over and over. As my whole blog (it’s in the title) is inspired by coffee, this phrase always sticks with me.

During this time of year, when we are suppose to be the most upbeat, cheerful, and sometimes yes, giving, we can feel more stressed out, on edge, and maybe even less grateful.

Self care throughout the entire year is important, but especially now (with our current global pandemic) and during the holiday season, we need a few reminders for self care.

I have provided a few things below that has helped me keep my spirits up throughout this Winter/Holiday season, and help keep some brew in my cup so I can pour some to others.

1. Do something you love, for you

I took a bath the other night and wow, the next day I felt like I could tackle the world. I couldn’t remember the last time I took a bath and just relaxed. Bubbles, candles, and just my self. I didn’t feel guilty taking a moment for myself. I needed it. Sometimes I grab a holiday Starbucks beverage just to cheer myself up during the chaos of holiday shopping. Between our every day busy lives, sprinkled with a pandemic and a side of the holidays, we need to do the little things we enjoy to spark that fire under us. So grab that holiday latte, put on your favourite song, read a good book, or soak in a warm bubble bath, have an at home spa day — whatever makes you happy.

2. Get moving

As the holidays are typically around the colder months, we forget to keep our bodies moving, and no, I don’t necessarily mean by Christmas shopping. Take a walk outside and soak in the Christmas lights displays, and the frosty air. Don’t get wrapped up in about making it about exercise, just get yourself walking in a winter wonderland and enjoy yourself.

3. Respecting your budget

We all have been there. Wanting to spoil the special people in our lives by buying them what they want or need for the holiday season. Wanting to experience every piece of magic whether that be sleigh rides, lights displays, and other winter events. But you do not want to go broke showing the people in your life how much you love them. Respect your budget, and stay within it. Otherwise, when the holiday season is over, you’ll be paying for it, literally. Remember, maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store…

4. Be okay with saying no

This has to be the hardest thing for me to do, but easiest thing to tell others to do. It is absolutely okay to say no. Say no to the merchants email subscribing list (this will help with tip number two when feeling overwhelmed with sales and the urge to splurge). Although in most places, we are unable to have gatherings at this time, do not feel guilty to say no to those family or friend gatherings. No, you don’t have to see every Christmas lights display in the city. No, you don’t have to feel the pressure to send everyone Christmas cards. It takes a while to get comfortable saying no, but when you do, your mental health will thank you.

5. Take a social media break

Yes, we are stuck at home and we may feel like the only way to connect with people at this time is through social media. Trust me, it may be doing more harm than good. When we see the hundreds of presents another is spending on another, with room to splurge on themselves, when you’re struggling to buy the family a present, or the 8 course dinner that someone cooks for their family, when you may be eating alone this season. How about the top of the line decorations someone went all out with in and around their home, when you don’t have the energy to put up the tree. Seeing how someone else may be spending their Christmas holiday season, may rob you from your holiday spirit. Keep your cup full by looking up from the phone and around your own place. Your family, your health, whatever you have in your life, take a moment to be grateful for it and soak in those memories and moments through the holidays before they are gone.

I hope that my self care tips for the Christmas/ Holiday season reminds you to start filling up your own cup before you pour yours to others.

Stay cheerful and keep your cups full!


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