Ultimate Gift Guide for the Homebody

Welcome to Blogmas post number 2! You can read all about my take on Blogmas this year & the first post here.

Do you know someone who is part of the amazing “stay-at-home” club? We are a club solely dedicated to embracing the homebody lifestyle (even pre-pandemic!). We are typically the ones asking for the delivery drivers to hide our Amazon packages from our partners! Amazon & online shops sure do help around this time of year when it is hard to shop in stores (global pandemic reasons), or even in general around this busy time of year, but also perfect for those that prefer to shop in the comfort of their own home (hot beverage or wine in hand preferably!)

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought of no better way to start the first week of posts by sharing a gift guide that is close to my warm, homebody, introverted self. Although this year and especially this time of year, we all are embracing the inner warmth of the homebody spirit a little more than normal, this gift guide is perfect to snag a few items for that perfect person in your life (or hey, maybe even yourself). All of these gifts are under $100.

  1. Back & Neck Massager – I think the 23,000 plus reviews speak for itself on this one! Just imagine cuddled up, with this piece of heaven gently massaging your back and neck! Sounds like heaven to me.
  2. Silk Sleepmask – A luxurious sleep mask with anti aging benefits? Talk about beauty sleep!
  3. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray – Add those bubbles, grab a good book or pop a relaxing Christmas love story movie and enjoy right in the comfort of your tub! I love this one also!
  4. Rose Quartz Roller – Always the top of my self-care routine must haves! Reduce puffiness, and enhance your skin’s natural glow with your own in-home mini spa night! This one and this one is also a great set!
  5. 52 Lists for Calm (Journaling Inspiration) – Put the device down and enjoy this journal that includes lists and tips designed to soothe the (homebody) stressed out soul!
  6. Essential Oil Diffuser – Improve your surroundings at home with this incredible aromatherapy device. It’s perfect for everyone!
  7. Wine Glasses – I love a good set of wine glasses to go with a cozy movie, and perfectly paired wine. I also have this set that is stunning, simple and I get a lot of compliments on them!
  8. OUAI Chill Pills – First off, how fitting and hilarious! Perfect bath bomb gift for the homebody bath lover (and those with a good sense of humour)
  9. Comfy Slippers – Is there any other way to encompass the homebody life without a good pair of cozy warm fuzzy slippers? These ones here are also a fan favourite!
  10. Hymalian Salt Lamp – The ever so popular Hymalian Salt Lamp is popular for a reason. Boost your mood and mind with this warm amber glow. They even have this one specifically designed for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) to help with those winter blues.
  11. Candle Accessory Set – It is a given that most homebodies love a good candle. But are they taking care of it properly? The perfect Candle Care set is one of those must have items that us candle lovers forget to have in home. This one is also a nice set.
  12. Bluetooth Turntable/ Record Player – These have definitely upped in popularity over the past couple years. Yes, streaming music from your phone is nice, but have you ever grabbed a record, placed it in a turntable, closed your eyes and enjoyed the music, the good old fashioned way?
  13. Knit Throw Blanket – Obviously what is home comfort living without a good throw blanket?
  14. Media Bed Tray – Nothing screams homebody than the person that loves to eat, work and enjoy all the small things from the comfort of their bed! A tray to hold all my goodies, while sitting in bed, yes please!
  15. Coffee Body Scrub – A good pair with your in-home spa essentials for the homebody is a great body scrub!


I hope you enjoyed all of today’s cozy gift ideas for the homebody in your life! In case you missed it, I’ve also shared a white elephant gift exchange gift guides here and in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. The holidays can be overwhelming and I hope with the few gift ideas I have provided take some of the stress off of you! Focus on you and the quality time with your family (pets and all!) Thank you so much for reading!


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