Where I have been/ Update!

Well, it has been a bit… a couple months actually… since I have posted my last blog post. I have a few things to update on before I dive back into posting blogs (which I am so excited to do!

Although I have been MIA from my blog, I have been posting more over on my Instagram. I felt like I was in such a weird place with my social media and what I wanted to do with it, I wasn’t very happy with what I was posting and felt overwhelmed with how my feed looked, how much traction I was getting, etc… things I felt was not really important to worry about. So here and there I took a step back from a lot of my social media.

I slowly started to get into the grove of things, spent time focusing on my goals when it came to my social media and even finding a preset I enjoyed for my feed may me enjoy taking photos and sharing them again. I just needed that little breath of fresh air and it definitely helped.

Also since my last post, my family and I found out that we are expecting a new bundle of joy! Yes baby number three is due in February of 2021. We are so excited to have our final puzzle piece joining our family. It has been a crazy first and second trimester and I will be sharing all about this pregnancy soon (so keep an eye out for that if you are interested in the pregnancy journey – especially this pregnancy being completely different than my two boys!)

In addition to all my focus on this pregnancy and feeling more like myself and refreshed from social media, I have my own own cosmetic tattoo/ permanent makeup studio in my home. I literally started right when our country went into lockdown and it wasn’t until July that Stage two opened up the ability to work again. I have been focusing on my training and doing what I can while I have been home, navigating this “new normal” around the COVID protocols all while prepping for baby number three! It has been very busy, exhausting, and rewarding all at the same time.

With my eldest going back to school and hockey, the youngest hitting his toddler stage and keeping us all on our toes, I can definitely say that the year is wrapping up to be incredibly humbling and has made me grateful for my family and household.

I am hoping to share my home studio, all about this pregnancy, and so much more! Definitely keep an eye on my Instagram & Twitter for daily updates.

Thank you for reading and I am excited to be back! 🙂


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