Review: TIJN Eyewear | Blue Light Blocking

If you ever suffered from itchy, dry eyes after a long day staring at you computer… it may be time to start looking for blue light blocking glasses! I stare all day at a screen at work and then i come home and yup – guilty … more screen time. Blue light blocking glasses will filter out that active blue light (one that promotes wakefulness) before it hits your eyes!

So, whether your on your computer at work or constantly double tapping your instagram feed at midnight (double guilty) then look into getting these glasses!

@tijneyewear is one I found on my own. And after reading lots of reviews and finding adorable styles, I snagged these! I wear then whether I am nerding out on the xbox or am sucked into video after video on my phone late at night – my eyes feel like they are not straining or tired the next day!

If you would like to check out there selection, click here TIJN Eyewear

** Disclaimer: all thoughts on this product are my own. This is not sponsored. I just love the frames and the blue light blocking lenses for my incredibly dry eyes!


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