Review: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Arginine Resist | Influenster

I was very fortunate to have received this just over a month ago from Influenster. I really wanted to try out the product before writing a review! I wanted to see if there was actually any change to my hair when it came to strength. I wanted to check and see if there was a lot less fallout and breakage. Well.. finally I have found a product to help with that! I am so happy i have gotten to use this product. It will definitely be a staple of mine for my hair care routine.

I have noticed such a change in the amount of fallout while I am showering and styling my hair. It is nice to not look around and see my hair everywhere. There has been a huge decrease in the amount of hair I seem to be cleaning up!

I will only use the actually spray maybe once a week and that is because I felt it made my hair feel a little greasy. I don’t normally put in those type of sprays in may hair cause it is prone to get “greasy” quickly and I would have to wash my hair every 2nd day and I normally can get away without having to shampoo and condition my hair up to 3 days without any signs of “greasy” or oily looks to my hair.

I will absolutely be purchasing these products again and continuing to use them in my hair care routine. I love not finding my hair everywhere now!

This is the review I posted on Influenster:

Overtime I brush my hair, style my hair, or wash my hair, there is a ton of hair I see that broke off and is ready to go down the drain. I have been so worried about this for quite some time, thinking I was going to go bald or something. When I received this product I really wanted to use it for a period of time before I wrote any reviews. I know products can take time to work and I am so glad I did. I have seen incredible improvement over the past month with my hair. When I am showering, there is barely anything falling out and when I am styling my hair I am not left with a countertop full of hair. It has dramatically decreased the amount of breakage and fallout I have had. I feel like I have regained the strength in my hair. It leaves my hair smelling and feeling amazing after as well which is a nice bonus.

Also, it is incredibly nice to wake up and not see my hair everywhere! Counters, floors, couches, pillows… my hair isn’t breaking nearly as much and it is about time I have found a product to do what it says its suppose to do!
I will definitely be re-purchasing this product as it has now become a must have shampoo and conditioner for me.


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